Combative Division

The combative / tactical divisions primary focus is researching, developing, and training in the combative /  tactical martial arts for survival.  It is divided up for civilian self defense, and the effective use of force for the law enforcement professional.  All of our basic classes are based on Gordon Fighting Systems, and Gordon Tactical Systems. 

Gordon Fighting Systems

Self-Defense - Individual


The act of defending one's self  / person when physically attacked, as by countering blows or overcoming an assailant through the use of physical force.  We will cover personal safety, situational awarensess, avoidance, evasion, and escaping along with with the basics of use of force.




Gordon Fighting Systems

Self-Defense Corporate Programs


Boxers Rebellion offers self-defense seminars and employee assistance programs (EAP) to businesses and their employees.  This service is available on and off site and promotes to provide valuable life saving skills and team building exercises.  These programs are also suited as a great tool for Churches and Community Led organizations.


Gordon Tactical Systems

Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics


Defensive Tactics  and Use of Force training for law enforcement, and security professionals. 

(Note: You must be active law enforcement or military)


Firearms Safety


This cousre is provided by our affiliate program.  You will learn firearms safety, weapon retention, and weapons disarms.  You may also take the enhanced carry permit class.  Contact us for more details.


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