General Rules


No food or drinks are allowed inside the gym training area, except drinks with a cap.
Keep the changing and spectator’s area clean and orderly.

No spectators with exception of parents and family.
No foul language will be tolerated.

No discourse that causes division is permitted in facility.

Jewelry is not allowed in any class. Please leave it at home.

All training must be conducted at an authorized training location.

No sprinting inside the training facility.

Review the calendar for class training times. 

Contact the Executive Director for additional training needs. 

Do not use equiplment without permission from instructor or coach.
Work to your ability level.
Do not try new techniques without supervision.


Social Media & Electronic Devices


Cellphones must be on vibrate or silent mode.

No recording or photos permitted on any type of electronic device.

No posting or using social media live features permitted.

All content produced using Boxers Rebellion information is owned by Exexutive Director Jeremy Gordon.

(Note: These rules apply to all including coaching staff.)


Class Arrival & Departure


Arrive 5-15 minutes prior to any scheduled class in complete uniform and sign in.
Clean training area of debris prior to class.
If you are late for the start of class, wait for the Instructor’s attention and ask permission to join the class.
Make sure that all fee’s, due, and or memberships are paid in full prior to the start of any class.
Use the lavatory before class to avoid interrupting class.

Bow in at the start of class.

Bow out at the end of each class.



Personal & Private Training


Arrive 5-15 minutes prior to any scheduled training and sign in.
Your training session begins at the scheduled start time and ends at scheduled end time.
Make sure that all fee’s, due, and or memberships are paid in full prior to the start of training. 
All private training must be requested and approved by Jeremy Gordon 48 hours prior scheduling.

Staff, coaches, instructors, group leaders training in facility outside training schedule must be approved Jeremy Gordon 24 hours prior scheduling.

All training must be conducted at an approved training location.  


Mat Rules


Never step on the mat with your shoes (outside shoes) or socks on.

Mat shoes may be allowed if approved by instructor or coach.
Always wear your shoes while walking outside the mat area.
Always bow when entering and leaving the mat and immediately.
No equipment other than approved grappling gear should ever be used on the mat area.

No jump roping on the mats.


Equipment & Uniform


Be aware of your appearance.
Only wear approved training equipment and, or uniform.
Maintain your training uniform in good condition.
Never wear a ripped, torn or stained uniform.
Uniforms must be washed after each use.

Bring all safety equipment and gear to each class.

Bring a cross training shoes for outdoor training use.

All equipment must be cleaned put it back in its location. 


Hygiene, Illness, Medical (other)


Maintain personal cleanliness.
Keep fingernails and toenails clipped and clean.
Make sure you shower and use deodorant.
Long hair must be tied back.

Do not participate in class with flu or cold like symptons.

Report any medical conditions to instructor prior to any training.

Bring any medical items you may need. We do not provide medicine or medical supplies.


Sparring Striking & Grappling


All protective equipment needs to be worn all time while contact sparring.

Non-Contact or Technical Sparring: No contact !!!

Boxing: Headgear, mouthguard, wraps, gloves, and cup.

Point Fighting: Headgear, mouthguard, gloves, cup, shinguards, and foot boots.

American Kickboxing: Headgear, mouthguard, wraps, gloves, cup, shinguards, and foot boots.

International Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA: Headgear, mouthguard, wraps, gloves, cup, shinguard & Instep protection.


Coaches Rules (Instructors, Coaches, Group Leaders)


Coaches must understand and respect the hierarchy / chain of command within our Martial Arts Academy.

Coaches will not contact students outside reasonable business hours 8AM-9PM.

Any training schedule outside posted training hours must be approved Jeremy Gordon 48 hours prior to scheduling.

All training will a student / member must be conducted at an approved training location.  

Coaches may not take students to off sites / locations without written permission form Executive Director.

Coaches will avoid and notify Executive Director of any conflict of interest.

Coaches will lead by example by following all rules.
Coaches will enforce all rules of our Martial Arts Academy.
Coaches are expected to stay informed of events. 


Respect Coaches (Instructors, Coaches, Group Leaders)


Students must understand and respect the hierarchy, chain of command within the Martial Arts.
Follow all instructions your Instructor gives you immediately.
Stand at attention while receiving instruction.  All students must respond immediately to any instruction.
Only an Instructor is permitted to teach new material. Do not ask a fellow student for new material.
Always let your Instructor know if you injured or ill.
If ill and medical attention is needed. You must bring a doctor’s note to return to training.
Keep yourself informed of calendar events, posted notices, and visit our website at least once a week for updated information.



The instructor is here to teach and answer questions. If you have any trivial questions, wait till the end of class or ask an assistant.

Students whom which additional training such as private, personal or additional other classes must contact the Executive Director or Sifu/Coach Gordon.  No staff is permitted to scheduling any training session without filing a request 48 in advance and having an approval on file prior to session confirmation.

All students will read and obey these rules.  Intentional disobedience will result in expulsion.


Our Motto

"Welcome to Fight School". 

Our Colors

Primary Color: Black (Full)

Uniform 1: Black / White

Uniform 2: Black / Gold

Uniform 3: Black /  Red


Our Creed


Coming soon.




Discipline is,

the instant willing,

obedience to orders,

respect for authority,

and self-reliance.


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